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Glamour Photography Shoot

Last Sunday we had a Glamour shoot training day at f8 studio in Pretoria, this was an opportunity several photographers to get together and to try a few new things, experimenting with a few new models and lighting techniques.

We were very lucky to have two very sexy models, Yolande Wagener and Monia Swanepoel to model for us, as we played with different lighting scenario’s and well as the models different clothes. we had a lot of fun and I know the models did as well, even though they were very tired by the end of the day. well done girls you were great and we appreciated your help.

Have a look at a few images we took.

Boudoir Photography in Perth

Two Sunday’s ago we had an amazing opportunity to photograph some models with some amazing Biji Couture wedding dresses, and while we were in the wedding mood, I suggested to the models to do some tasteful boudoir shot – the kind of images we like to create before or on the wedding day as the bride prepares for her big event.  We offer all our brides the option to create similar images, obtaining some creative images with and without the wedding dress, either in our studio or in the privacy of their own homes.

With boudoir it’s all about the relaxed and tasteful sensual images that get the most attention – well that’s what we believe. We shot most of this in high key, with warm relaxing tones, and I must say it certainly delivered beautiful imagery that any future bride would want.  We had Leandri, Ellen and Judy to help us recreate some amazing relaxed imagery, after which we started dressing them up in the amazing Biji Couture wedding dress.

So please peruse our boudoir images,  contact us if you are also interested in creating some beautiful sensual images for yourself and your loved one. we would love to assist you in this regard, the Biji Couture wedding dress teasers will follow this post.  Hope you enjoy our images.