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Harold Vernon Durant – 93 years, served as a Commando with the 2/5th Commando Squadron during WWII serving in PNG and Borneo.

I had the privilege of photographing Harold for The Reflections Project, which looks at honoring our World War II Veterans through the lens. This project is one of the most ambitious photographic projects ever undertaken in Australia. Members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography aim to commemorate our unsung heroes of World War II in print, and will gift the collection to the Australian War Memorial archives. The collection will provide a compelling pictorial record of returned servicemen and women living in Australia, reinforcing the ANZAC tradition, “We will remember them”.

There was nothing more inspiring than listening to the Harold’s recollections of events, far too many to mention. Nonetheless the one that I keep on remembering was Harold’s 21st birthday, where he and Snowy Henderson, another member of the 5th, were sent to disarm a sniper with a fixed machine gun on one of the main ridges in New Guinea along the Black Cat track. Harold recalls how it poured with rain the entire night and that they were pleased that the trees were large enough to hide behind, since the sniper continued to pepper the trees around them all night long. They managed to capture the position wet and tired in the early hours the next morning.

“Not many of us can say that we have experienced a 21st birthday in these sort of conditions”.

Harold also recalls when he and a few of his regiment were undergoing prewar training in the Victorian mountains by the Wilson’s Promontory – Harold was saying that they were always hungry and looking for extra food, as they never seemed to get enough. They had heard that one of the local pubs had a chook house behind the pub, and it wasn’t long after that Harold and some of his buddies broke in and stole two chooks to cook up and eat.

As the story goes, 60 years after the war Harold and his buddies were having a reunion at the local golf club in Foster in the North of Wilson’s Promontory Victoria. and Harold won the local raffle of two chooks. So they all decided to return to the Old Pub where they had stolen the chooks and handover the prize to the proprietor. Harold said that created quite a stir, however the proprietor went on to cook them up and served it to them. They had a wonderful party that night, while making headlines in the local papers that the WW II veteran’s returned the stolen Chooks 60 years later.

Harold returned to Perth, Western Australia after the war, taking up a professional cycling career where he went on to managing the sport for many years, to owning a Petrol service station and finally retiring the day before he turned 60. Harold reminisces that he has had a very lucky life, marrying Lynnette in his early 60’s after his first wife passed on. Lynnette being some twenty plus years younger than Harold, and as you can see she is still keeps him on his toes with a twinkle in his eyes.

It certainly was a pleasure to sit and listen to Harold’s recollections, knowing if not captured now in time they will fade, of times long gone where fears and hardship were the norm, but where comradeship and a sense of duty to their fellow man won out and carried it onward without question.

Nowadays in life and good times we sometimes tend to take for granted the sacrifices and efforts of these once brave unsung young men and woman, some of those who still stand proudly before us.

But we now know ………“We will remember them”.



If you know any WWII veterans that haven’t registered yet, help them to register at

The Reflections Project:

One of the most extensive photo initiatives, similar to Online Dating Photos Chicago Illinois, that Australia has ever attempted is Honoring Our World War II Veterans. In an effort to honor our forgotten warriors of World War II, members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography will donate their collections to the Australian War Memorial Archives. The collection will reinforce the ANZAC legacy of “We will remember them” by offering a powerful visual record of returned troops and women residing in Australia.

Special Thanks to Lynnette Durant for her assisting in registering Harold with the AIPP Veterans, and especially to Rebekah Wilson for managing all the AIPP WA photographers involved.


An early start was had by all on 1st November 2014. The weather report looked fantastic especially after the previous weekend was fully rained out. And what a day it was!

Our first call was with Peter and his Best men, who were getting ready to shave with a Cut Throat Razor. – a lot of fun was had with the Groom and his identical twin brother, David. (This is the third set of twins I have photographed getting married. Maybe that’s an album in the making for some quiet winter weekend.)

The other two groomsmen certainly added to the special moment, not only did they share in Peter’s joy but they had us all in fits of laughter with their clever one liners and constant joking around. Brilliant moments were captured as we took our time getting warm moments with Peter, while he reflected on his new life ahead with his future wife, Marianna.

_MG_7893 B

Next stop was Marianna’s sister’s home, to catch up with Marianna and her bridesmaids, who were all in various stages of dress and make up. This gave us time to get shots of the flowers, and the elusive flower girls moments before we cornered Marianna while her sister Rose assisted with the finishing touches.

Some amazing images were created with Marianna in her dress, a stunning design from Fara Almani, revealing elegant lace and delicate beadwork, a long train and matching veil which, we photographers love to play with.

_MG_7997 _MG_8250


The formal ceremony was held in Perth City at Mercedes College, in a quaint little church, called the Chapel of Immaculate Conception. This exquisite building is nearly 100 years old, with interiors displaying timberwork and pews in pristine condition. A stunning place in all its finery. That’s where we found Peter and his best men all waiting patiently, as guests sat down eagerly awaiting the brides arrival.

Flower girls received their last briefing in preparation for the brides arrival, the little page boy Bailey looked on with amazement, with so much happening.

And the bride arrives,

_MG_8301 _MG_8310

Peter and Marianna prepare for their final walk down the aisle, as Mr & Mrs Bennett



We took the opportunity to photograph the entire group of guests outside in the blistering sun, before we spent time taking the traditional family and close friends group photographs and finally bridal party. Three venues were selected, firstly we stopped under the narrows bridge to get one or two amazing shots, then the famous blue boat house and finally UWA and its stunning buildings and arches. It is here that we get creative, producing something new and unique.

_MG_8669  _MG_8819D small


_MG_8842 _MG_8865

_MG_8759a copy

This last image is one of my favourites, just before we packed up to head back to the reception at Frasers in Kings Park. The light was behind Peter and Marianna, and we were able to get several stunning images.

The Reception at Frasers was fantastic, the food and wine uninhibited as was the dancing as we danced the night away.

Thank you Peter and Marianna for a wonderful fun filled day, your wedding day will be remembered by many, and we are honoured to have captured your day. may your love for one another continue to grow




You may think that every wedding is the same, following the same guidelines, and as a photographer once you have shot one they are all the same. Well thankfully that’s extremely far from the truth, and what makes wedding so exciting.

We all know that emotions are on high alert, things run late now and again, but with careful planning we always find the time to have fun with the Bride and Groom as they get ready for their wedding.

From the photographer’s point of view it’s like being MacGyver, you have to pull your creative hat out of the bag along with your camera. you sometimes arrive at the grooms home or the parents’ home, and have to look for somewhere to create some amazing photos, sometimes you have to look for the picture in the most usual places, or start cleaning up after the boys all night footy or movie marathon, beer bottles and clothes lying around everywhere. (However this is not always the case, but hey who’s pointing fingers, we would probably be all the same.)

It’s those pre wedding set ups where we arrive at the Groom and Brides house, with their bridal party and start creating the story of the wedding day.

Simon’s was staying in his future brother in laws home, and had enjoyed a late night, the footy game was still on the big screen as we arrived, Simon and his two best men who had travelled from New Zealand to attend the wedding were all floating in the pool, enjoying a casual beer and relaxing while they could.


We got the boys starting to get ready, it’s all the small things that are important to tell the whole story, Also the fact that 60% of the guys can’t tie their own tie, never mind someone else’s. So yes we all have a lot of fun. We like to laugh and joke around, because normally blokey, blokes don’t dress each other, Especially New Zealanders…! So it’s good to see the interaction’s taking place.























We then get some with all the boys dressed and in causal mode, before just spending a few minutes with the Groom. Using some carefully positioned window light we created some great portraits, as you can see Simon is quite photogenic, and you would battle to get a bad shot of him.

As we pack our gear and head out, we wish the beer swilling Groom and his merry men all the very best and that we will see them at the wedding Venue in an hour and half. Now the race to get to the Julies parents home, to see how she and her bridesmaids are getting on.

watch this space for the next episode with the Bride getting ready coming soon.

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot in Perth

Before  start, I must warn you all, I’m so far behind with my Blogging, that I’m not sure where to begin, start with only a few couples or go through them all.

Well after some careful consideration I believe we should cover some of the special moments that we have had with some of our most memorable clients.

Simon and Julie certainly fit the bill, Both Simon and Julie were from Melbourne, and decided have their wedding in Perth, Western Australia where Julie grew up.  Simon originally hails from New Zealand so we were excited to see all his family and best friends arrive for their wedding day.

A few months before the wedding day we got together with Simon and Julie in Perth for their Engagement or Pre shoot, a some would like to call it, something we like to offer all our bridal couples, this gives us the opportunity to get to know our couple, and create some amazing images of jus the two of them, no stress and in a beautiful picturesque venue where we can feel free to create.    This also offers the couple the opportunity to get to know us as well.

engagement shoot for julie and simon

We also take his opportunity to help the couple to understand what we would be looking for on their wedding day as far as poses, and see how well they work together, lets face it we are not all perfect natural models, but still want to look amazing on our wedding day. so a slight amount of tweaking and we have the perfect image, but most of all we always like to make it a fun filled afternoon or morning.

Generally we like to shoot in a different location to where we would be planning to photography the wedding, just to make it different, but at the same time create something memorable.    Unfortunately It was an overcast day, and where we wanted open flowers, we had them all closed, but as you can see Simon and Julie were perfect and we created some amazing works of art that they have since had made into canvas’s and framed wall art for their home in Melbourne.

engagement shoot at the blue boat house with julie and simon

We also had a opportunity to catch up afterwards to confirm final details for the wedding day, and helped create a time line to try and follow. nothing ever runs perfectly we know, but its great to have a plan to start with. we also like to attend the wedding rehearsals as that also helps us prepare ourselves with condition at the venue and see the last minute changes that always happen.

The day before the wedding we were invited to Julies family home to witness and photography her family’s traditional Chinese tea ceremony, its always accompanied with amazing colourful traditional dress which I love.  Simon’s family are all from New Zealand, so it was an amazing mix of east and western cultures. and a great time was had by all. we also came away with stunning moments captured.

julie and simon at the tea ceremony

We will follow up with later post, showing a snippet of the wedding day, jamb packed with a mix of creative artwork and unbridled captured moments. we had fun time, thank you Simon and Julie for selecting us as your photographers for your special events.