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Julie + Simon’s Weddings day – Boys getting ready

You may think that every wedding is the same, following the same guidelines, and as a photographer once you have shot one they are all the same. Well thankfully that’s extremely far from the truth, and what makes wedding so exciting.

We all know that emotions are on high alert, things run late now and again, but with careful planning we always find the time to have fun with the Bride and Groom as they get ready for their wedding.

From the photographer’s point of view it’s like being MacGyver, you have to pull your creative hat out of the bag along with your camera. you sometimes arrive at the grooms home or the parents’ home, and have to look for somewhere to create some amazing photos, sometimes you have to look for the picture in the most usual places, or start cleaning up after the boys all night footy or movie marathon, beer bottles and clothes lying around everywhere. (However this is not always the case, but hey who’s pointing fingers, we would probably be all the same.)

It’s those pre wedding set ups where we arrive at the Groom and Brides house, with their bridal party and start creating the story of the wedding day.

Simon’s was staying in his future brother in laws home, and had enjoyed a late night, the footy game was still on the big screen as we arrived, Simon and his two best men who had travelled from New Zealand to attend the wedding were all floating in the pool, enjoying a casual beer and relaxing while they could.


We got the boys starting to get ready, it’s all the small things that are important to tell the whole story, Also the fact that 60% of the guys can’t tie their own tie, never mind someone else’s. So yes we all have a lot of fun. We like to laugh and joke around, because normally blokey, blokes don’t dress each other, Especially New Zealanders…! So it’s good to see the interaction’s taking place.























We then get some with all the boys dressed and in causal mode, before just spending a few minutes with the Groom. Using some carefully positioned window light we created some great portraits, as you can see Simon is quite photogenic, and you would battle to get a bad shot of him.

As we pack our gear and head out, we wish the beer swilling Groom and his merry men all the very best and that we will see them at the wedding Venue in an hour and half. Now the race to get to the Julies parents home, to see how she and her bridesmaids are getting on.

watch this space for the next episode with the Bride getting ready coming soon.

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